UNH Coach Cory Schwartz

FasterSkierAugust 25, 2003

Cory Schwartz has been the Head Cross Country Ski Coach at the University of New Hampshire for the past 17 years.

Age:    44
Height: 5'4 but working on it
Weight: 150 and also working on it
Married to Julie Wolny who I met on the UNH Ski Team. We have two children Jacob
and Jesse , both boys.
Hometown:  Center Conway, NH
Current town of residence: Dover, NH
Full-time or part-time coach:  Full Time.  I have been at UNH for
22 years
On salary/paid or volunteer coach: Salary
Athletes or Team working with (or has worked with): UNH but also have coached
the Junior Olympic Teams
Favorite food: Love that Pizza
Favorite musical artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Favorite book or TV show: Pursuit of Excellance  Like to watch te Seinfeld

Did you take a vacation after this past race season ended?

Yes, the team, some alumni and some alumni parents went to Norway. We stayed
in Lillehamer and raced the Birkiebeiner.  it was a great experiance and
a blast to go together.

What is your (or your athletes) favorite place to ski?
I like to train at Jackson, NH and Bretton Woods.

Why do you enjoy being a ski coach?
 I like the competition but also the
need to build a team year after year and to get the team to succeed together.

If you weren't a ski coach, what would you rather be doing?
Some type of business.

What are the five main philosophies you coach by?
Work Hard
Have fun
Succeed or fail together
Make sure at the end of the day you can look in the mirror and be happy with
what you see.
Represent the school, myself and yourself to the best of your ability

What do you spend most time with when you are on the road at races or training

Lately it seems like we are always working on the skis.  Less time with
the atlhetes and more time getting faster skis.

What were your best or most memorable races (for your athletes) – last season?
Winning a Carnival.  We did it three times this past season and each time
we enjoyed the thrill.

How do you deal with bad races?
I am usually mad at myself becasue I feel I blew it. Either with wax or not
communicating something needed to the athletes.  I feelIi have gotten better
at this but i still hate it.

What are your coaching goals for the upcoming season?
Women- win three carnivals-  Perform at NCAA's and develop that team.
Men- not sure with this year as the team is so young.  Do not want to lessen
our goals but I think it will be more basic teaching.  I want them to perform
higher then they think they can.

How do you feel about the changes in the international race formats over
the past few years (sprint racing, mass starts, skiathalon/duathalon)?

A lot of these have brought needed interrest in XC racing.  I hope we do
not lose our tradition though. We have tried many of these formats in college
and have enjoyed them though I am not sure if they all fit our circuit every

What changes will you be making to your athletes’ training plan for
this year?

We continue to change yearly.  Increase threshold, more core and more technique.

Do you have a favorite interval or hard workout?
I really enjoy what we call either Men's Day or Womens' Day.  I take only
one sex and do not tell them what we are doing for a workout. They get in the
van and get surprised thoughout the day.
Another is when we ski the Kancamaugus Highway in New Hampshire.  It is
a very long enjoyable ski that really tests the team.
Another fun day is when we do the Wildcat Trail. This is a back country trail
behind Wildcat.  We can only do it on years that the snow is good, when
we have the time to go.

Can you give us a single piece of advice for aspiring Junior skiers?
Set goals but make sure you keep it fun and in perspective.  Dont give
up all other sports.  Enjoy your time…and of course….. check out the
UNH Ski Team!


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