2003-04 Money Prizes Announced

FasterSkierSeptember 24, 2003

FIS recently decided that the size of money prices to be awarded for the upcoming seasons cross-county World Cup races will be the same as used for last season. Cross Country skiing is still a bit behind ski jumping and alpine skiing.

The minimum to be awarded in each individual competition is 40 000 Swiss francs or US $28,780 — This amount will be divided between the top 10 skiers in each race using a sliding scale where the winner gets the highest amount.

30 000 Swiss francs or US $21,582 will be divided among the top six teams in relays.

The amount for Alpine is 100 000 Swiss franc or US $71,942 to be awarded the top ten.

The amount for Ski Jumping is 70 000 Swiss francs or US $50,359



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