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FasterSkierOctober 1, 2003

Jon Engen is a former Olympic Biathlete and a very strong Master Skier. He
is also the new ambassador for the US Ski Team's SuperTour Masters Races.

Boulder Mountain Tour – Sun Valley 2003.  By Darlene Young

Did you take a vacation after this past race season ended? If so, where
did you go?
Yup.  Southern California.

Do you have any notable experience from any other sport? 
(Mountain) running, cycling, rifle shooting on State Champion and National level.

What is your favorite place to ski?  Sun Valley, ID

Favorite place to race? 
   Antholtz, Italy

Favorite place to train (skiing or dryland)? 
Bohart Ranch, Bozeman,

Why do you enjoy being a ski racer?
It's the best life on earth

What part of being a ski racer don't you enjoy? 
None.  I have only one regret, I didn't do enough of it!

If you weren't a ski racer, what would you rather be doing?
Road Cycling.

What do you do to pass the time when you are on the road at races and training
  Read books, write, conduct clinics, etc.

If you had to eat lunch at a fast-food restaurant, where would you go and
what would you order?

Something small with fries and a vanilla shake.

What were your best or most memorable races last season? 

The final 300 yards of the "Great Race" between Tahoe City and Trucee,
CA.  In pursuit of leader Patric Weaver, Peter Webb, Colin MaHood and myself
traded the lead until Peter and Colin both fell independently on the last turn. 
I came down the last wall alone for 2 place.  The Boulder Mountain Tour
was also exciting, ended up a second after the winner.

How do you deal with bad races?
  Forget about them, move on.

What are your racing goals for the upcoming season? 

Do well at the Masters World Championships in Lillehammer, Norway. 

How do you feel about the changes in the international race formats over the
past few years (sprint racing, mass starts, skiathalon/duathalon)? 

I'm positive to most of this.  Cross-country needs a facelift in competition
with other sports in the market place.

What changes will you be making to your training plan for this year? 

A little more strength and rollerskiing.  I'm getting older and clearly
feel the need to keep up my strength work.

Do you have a favorite interval or hard workout? 

Uphill repetitions of 4 to 6 minutes build the best strength, high end
endurance and stamina, but involves a long building process. 

What was your most memorable workout(s) last year? 

Skiing on top of the trail system at Sun Valley Nordic Center in the morning
as the sun came up.  That's reason enough for living. 

Can you give us a single piece of advice for aspiring Junior skiers? 

If you like skiinjg and the athletic environment, don't give up.  Results
and opportunities will come to all who stick with it.

What Is The SuperTour Masters?
The "SuperTour Masters" is an invitation to the Masters Community
to participate the NorAm SuperTour, the premier elite xc-ski competitions on
the continent. You get to ski at top-notch venues with the best competitors
on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The venues are Soldier Hollow, UT, Preque
Isle, ME and Telemark, WI. The events are not linked as an overall series or
cup, but are stand-alone competitions in the western, eastern and central regions.
The competition formats are different from site to site, and this is in the
hands of the respective organizers. The SuperTour Masters should provide additional
exiting racing opportunities for masters, especially early on when the masters
schedule often is thin. The SuperTour Masters is not billed as a championship,
and certainly does not aim at devaluating the National Masters Championship
or any other high profile events taking place somewhere in the nation during
the period. It is rather an invitation to unite the xc-community in a festival
like atmosphere in the various regions.

Why did you choose to become involved with the SuperTour?

I believe this is a good effort to bring various groups of US xc-skiers together
for bigger events, higher overall exposure of the sport, and cross-pollination
within the sport's community. The events provide more good, high quality competition
alternatives for masters. This is the first attempt at doing this, we'll see
if the idea is good and the program will grow.

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