The fastest Cross-Country skier in the US

FasterSkierOctober 29, 2003 has watched 23 year old Torin Koos develop from a talented junior skier and runner, to suddenly take the step into the World’s elite during the 2001 World Cup at Soldier Hollow with a 12th place in the individual Sprint competition. His vertical jumping ability, size and strength (6’2”, 175 lbs) make him a perfect sprinter. We recently talked to him from the National Team’s training camp in Fairbanks, Alaska, where they are currently skiing on a combination of thin snow, thick leaves and small rocks.

Torin Koos

Torin, how are you training differently (as a Sprinter) from the rest of the National Team?
Not that different, since we are all training together almost 10 times per week. However, there are subtle differences; for example, I rarely do any distance training over 2 hrs. My intervals are also a little different than the others, I focus more on building my lactate tolerance. It has also helped to have some of the Development Team skiers around this summer and fall. Chris Cook and Andy Newell are also two very good sprinters.

How high have you seen your high lactate value at, by the way?
It’s been measured at 18.9 Mmol this year. knows that seeing such high lactate values is not common among Cross-Country skiers, and should mean that Koos has a developed a natural ability to sustain muscular inhibition and pain from lactate buildup.


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