More Cross-Country history you didn’t know

FasterSkierNovember 21, 2003

 Through the years, there has been much rivalry between the different ski regions in Norway, especially regarding selection for World Championships and Olympics Games. Before the 1952 Olympic Games (in Oslo, Norway), there was intense “fighting” for the spots on the team. The Trondheim region knew however how to get rid of a competitor from the Oslo region. Knowing he enjoyed cake, they kept his plate full at the dinner the evening before the race. The kid ate until he couldn’t fit room for more, and at the starting line the next day was still full of cake from the over-eating. In the race he soon started throwing up, had to stop, and lost his spot on the Olympic team.

 Norwegian women were not supposed to Cross-Country ski. Men would pinch their noses when they saw women passing by them on the Cross-Country ski trails. Women were supposed to wear colors such that darkened spots from sweating could not be seen.


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