No One Beats Muscle Marit

FasterSkierNovember 17, 2003

The following are excerpts from Norwegian (tabloid) Newspaper Dagbladet on Monday November 17.

Marit Bjorgen (23) can squat 160 kg (358 lbs) without problems. More importantly, she can ski faster than anyone.

Two first and one second was the result in the three-day Norwegian cross country opening race weekend at Beitostolen last weekend.

Both the sprint and the five kilometer were of good international caliber. She was able to showcase her muscles in both races. She has plenty of that. The combination of a fast improving technique and her power can give her results high up on the lists this winter.

Not only in sprint, where she is already the World Champion but also in longer races.


“I hope to deliver several good races this winter. I should have good possibilities to do that, especially in the 5 kilometer classic” says Bjorgen.

Sure she can. Especially if she is racing on courses where she can use her explosive strength to the maximum.

No one can keep up with her uphill acceleration. Her push is exceptional and the strength uncommon for a girl age 23.

“I’m just made that way” laughs Bjorgen when leg strength is the subject.

“I’m not doing anything uncommon to develop it. No strange exercises or anything”.

How much can you squat?

“160 kilo (358 lbs) — at least”

It takes power to lift that amount of iron. Vibeke Skofterud (2nd place) felt that power yesterday. Skofterud is showing progress, but was “parked” when Bjorgen used her climbing power at the end of the race.

A lot has been written regarding the fact that Bjorgen is ahead of what Bente Skari had accomplished at the same age. But this is when it’s starts to be difficult. It’s a big step from being good to being the best as Bente was.

You need extreme skills to become the best. People who knows Bjorgen thinks that she has those skills – both physically and mentally. 

Chief of sport Bjornar Hakensmoen thinks that Marit has both the motivation and the patience necessary to further develop.

There is nothing wrong with her confidence following the races at Beitostolen.

“No one can ski faster than me in a five kilometer when I’m in shape” boasted Bjorgen after the race.

She can prove that during the winter. Don’t ignore the fact that she might be right.


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