No Retirement For Bente Skari's Skis

FasterSkierNovember 13, 2003

You were all wrong if you imagined that Bente Skari’s Gold Medal winning skis would end up on display above her fire-place or get a prominent place at the Norwegian Ski Museum at the famous Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo Norway.

Bente has retired, but her skis are going to continue to be used in ski races — especially at the World Cup. Norwegian National team member Vibeke Skofterud took over both Bente Skari’s skis and her personal wax technician Geir Tufto.

Vibeke comments:
“I took over several of Bente’s skis. I requested that as a part of my contact with Fischer and it was accepted”.

Vibeke has the contractual right to the skis but will not “block” other members of the National team in occasionally also using the skis.

Skofterud did not only take over Bente’s skis. Geir Tufto, Bente’s personal wax technician will follow Bente’s skis and wax Vibeke’s skis this winter. She is very excited about that.

“We had input in selecting new wax technicians for this season and it was natural to select Tufto since he knows Bente’s skis so well. I trust Geir”.


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