Choosing and Applying The Right Fluorinated Waxes

FasterSkierDecember 29, 2003

This article applies to SOLDA Glide waxes but can be used to understand the main
principles used by other wax companies as well. There are eleven SOLDA Fluorinated
waxes to choose from. Use the information below to narrow it down and select waxes
that would cover typical snow conditions in your area.
You can focus on UF-7 and some F-15 waxes if you are strictly training and not
involved in racing.
Fast application waxes
Powder waxes, spray, corked in solids, paste or gel waxes are seldom used by experienced
skiers as base wax for training or racing. These are top-layer waxes and should
be applied only after you have ironed in a fluorinated base wax. The reason for
this is that heated-in fluorinated waxes have superior durability, dirt resistance
and water repellency compared to these “easier to use” solutions.
Heated in fluorinated waxes are ready to be skied and raced on after completing
the necessary scraping and brushing. Additional top-layers is a option that might
add speed and durability, however the fluorinated waxes alone is sufficient for
training and sometimes for racing. 

In other words:
If you are planning on skiing more than 5 kilometers per workout, learn how to
select, use and apply SOLDA Fluorinated waxes.
Choosing the right Fluor content
Fluorinated waxes has different Fluor content and hardness.  
Very High Fluor content waxes (SOLDA F-31 waxes) are intended for high humidity
(60% and higher) and/or high snow moisture content – caused by sunshine
or humidity. High Fluor content will work well in medium humidity but not as well
as medium Fluor waxes. There are five different color F-31 Waxes to choose from
– each one designed for a specific temperature range
Medium Fluor content waxes (SOLDA F-15 waxes) are best for medium humidity (40-70%)
and/or medium snow moisture content. These waxes will also work well in high humidity
however High Fluor F-31 waxes will perform (even) better in high humidity.
There are five different F-15 Waxes to choose from – each one designed for
a specific temperature range.

Low Fluor content waxes (SOLDA UF-7 Universal) are intended for dry snow or dry
snow that is slowly warming up.UF-7 is excellent for training because it’s
designed to work well in a variety of temperature conditions. If it’s 20
degrees one day and 35 the next, you don’t have to re-wax. UF-7 is also
fast enough to be your race wax on many low humidity days. There is only one SOLDA
UF-7 Universal Wax.
Choosing the right wax hardness.
The SOLDA Color Chart system is simple; “Warm colors” like yellow,
pink and orange are waxes designed for warm snow conditions, while “colder
colors” like violet and blue indicate that the wax is designed for colder
snow. Take a look at the following chart to select the appropriate color or wax hardness.
Solda Wax Chart

Iron Temperature: 110 to 150 Celsius or 230-300 Fahrenheit. Use the lower end
of the scale for the softer warmer waxes and the high end for the harder colder
waxes. Turn down the heat if you are unsure about the proper temperature. The
temperature is (in most cases) too high if the iron smokes:
Rub on a layer of wax, drip wax over the rubbed on layer
Move the iron back and forth a few times in sections down the ski to melt and
distribute the wax on the ski base.
Now iron the wax in one continues movement from tip to tail. One pass down the
ski should take 30-40 seconds. Keep the iron moving!
Iron the base three to five times, then place the ski, base up to the side and
repeat this process on the second ski.
Go back to the first ski and repeat the ironing process once more after you are
done with the seconds ski. Let booth skis have two ironing periods.
Allow the ski to cool, then scrape and brush thoroughly with appropriate brushes.
We recommend SOLDA Brass brush followed by Tampico or nylon brush. Brush from
tip to tail.
Let the ski cool outside after the first brushing if you are using cold-weather/harder
waxes, then brush again to eliminate extruded wax. 
Invest in the following wax equipment in order to wax and take care of your skis:
2-4 Fluorinated block waxes like SOLDA UF-7 Universal, F-15 or F-31 waxes, wax-iron,
a wax profile bench, a grove scraper, a plexi-scraper a couple brushes like SOLDA
Brass brush, Tampico brush and Horse-hair brush.
One or two layers of Fluorinated glide waxes can be used as the final wax layer
for racing and racing or as under layers for powder, spray or solid fluorocarbons
like SOLDA PowerJets, HPO5 or Warm Fluor.
Common SOLDA wax selections from some areas around the country:
East Coast: F-31 Pink, Orange, Violet, Blue, F-15 Violet and Blue, UF-7 Universal
Mid West: F-31 Pink, Orange, Violet, F-15 Orange, Violet and Blue, UF-7 Universal
Montana, Idaho, Utah: F-31 Orange and Violet, F-15 Pink, Violet and Blue, UF-7
Colorado: F-31 Orange and Violet, F-15 Pink, Violet and Blue, UF-7 Universal
Far West: F-31 Yellow, Pink and Orange, F-15 Orange and Blue, UF-7 Universal
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