SuperTour skate races at Soldier Hollow

FasterSkierDecember 20, 2003

The men's race result ended up with good mix of USSA, Marathon, College and visiting international skiers in the top 10. Even in fast conditions, the long gradual hill out of the stadium made even a few of the best skiers suffer on the last of the four lap race. Andrew Johnson came back from tooth infection to claim his first win of the year.

Rebecca Dussault could control the women's race being able to ski on Wendy Wagner's and Katrin Smigun's splits, and even see their backs on the long uphill stretch. Her fourth win in the fast interval start 5-km race was however the closest of the week.

Top 10 results:

Men’s 10 km free technique

1 JOHNSON, Andrew USSA Top 4 NorAm 22:12.1
2 RONBECK, Oystein Alta Ski Club, Norway 22:22.2
3 LOOMIS, Scott Subaru Factory Team 22:23.2
4 SOUTHAM, James APU, Top 4 NorAm 22:29.9
5 FREEMAN, Justin USSA 22:31.3
6 GRIMM, Dirk University of New Me 22:37.0
7 GIESE, Chad Subaru Factory Team 22:38.4
8 CAMPBELL, Dan BSF/Alpina 22:39.3
9 COOK, Chris USSA 22:45.
10 STEWART, David Subaru Factory Team 22:50.2


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