Surprise winners at Soldier Hollow SuperTour

FasterSkierDecember 13, 2003

Super Tour Classical Sprint at Soldier Hollow
December 12, 2003

The Classical Sprint competitions started the five race SuperTour week at Soldier Hollow, the 2002 Olympic venue. A 1.3-km loop was used for today’s competitions. Morning snow flurries and mid-day light rain slowed the man-made snow a little, but the strong field of skiers created a great day of Cross-Country ski sprinting.

The unusual classical technique format created a few interesting results, especially in the men’s races. Norwegian College student Henning Dybendahl overtook David Chamberlain on the last 10 meters of the final A heat, clearly ahead of US Ski Team Sprint Champions Andrew Newell and Torin Koos. An impressive uphill burst from Dave Chamberlain mid-race broke the heat apart, but his 20 meter lead withered slowly towards the finish line.

In the women’s final A heat, Rebecca Dussault left no doubt who had the most energy for the last women’s heat of the day. After skiing the demanding 1.3 km course four times (qualification, quarterfinal, semi-final and final), Dussault showed great stamina and speed in the final half lap, and easily won the women’s race.

Men A Final

1. DYBENDAL, Henning 3:20.5
2. CHAMBERLAIN, Dave 3:20.9
3. NEWELL, Andrew 3:23.0
4. KOOS, Torin 3:23.3

Men B Final
1. SOUTHAM, J 3:34.8
2. WARD, Casey 3:35.8
3. WESTON, Tim 3:38.7
4. KIESEL, Fredrik 3:40.7

Women A Final
1. DUSSAULT, Rebecca 3:50.2
2. WAGNER, Wendy 4:03.9
3. RANDALL, Kikkan 4:07.0
4. GREDIG, Sandra 4:09.9

Women B Final
1. EDER, Irene 4:13.9 0
2. CAMENISCH, K 4:18.0 +4.1
3. HANSSON, J 4:22.1 +8.2
3. SWANSON, S. 4:35.0 +21.1

<Men Prelim Results – PDF

<Men Final Results – PDF

<Women Prelim Results – PDF

<Women Final Results- PDF

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