When and How To Use Fluorocarbons

FasterSkierDecember 17, 2003

This article will provide suggestions for use of fluorocarbons, as well as how to apply them. This information is provided by our sponsor, SOLDA glide wax from TorbjornSport. The waxes mentioned in this article are all SOLDA products and are available from www.TorbjornSport.com .

In colder snow with medium to high humidity

SOLDA HPO5 in powder or spray is a unique and extremely popular fluorocarbon glide wax that outperforms everything else in colder snow with medium to high humidity. It’s better than traditional fluorocarbons in most every medium humidity or medium moisture content condition. It’s also the best choice when you have a mix of new and old snow and a mix of cold and warm snow, including man-made snow.

Wax Maestro tell you which wax to use! You give the Maestro the snow conditions, he tells you the perfect wax. Simple!

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