Babikov Leads Charge of Foreigners In 10K Classic

FasterSkierJanuary 5, 2004

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Carl Swenson collected his 10th National title today in the US Nationals 10K Classic, but he was only fifth fastest skier on the course. The top ten was filled with guest class skiers. The only Americans in the top ten were Swenson (5th), Lars Flora (6th), and David Chamberlain (10th). Russian Ivan Babikov, who is skiing for Canadian team, was the fastest skier of the day in a very tight 10k race in fast and icy conditions.
Swenson, the 30K classic winner Saturday in the rain at Black Mountain as the championships got underway, covered the 10K classic technique course in an unofficial 26:05.1. Temperatures were in the upper 20s under an overcast sky.

“Today was more stable waxing conditions, so it was more relaxed,” Swenson said. “It was just two laps, so it wasn't a problem with the course…although I'm sure the guys starting in the 240s had a problem.”

Swenson, who heads to Europe at week's end to rejoin Kris Freeman (Andover, NH) who is competing on the World Cup, said he enjoys the schedule at the Chevrolet championships, which includes another day of racing Tuesday. “To me, a lot of racing is the best training, the best way to get fast — unless I'm getting sick, but I'm feeling healthy,” he said.


   135  BABIKOV, Ivan '80   CANMORE,CAN           X—C.COM Racing   :25:54.6
   224  RONBECK, Oystein '70Viddelaget,N          Norway           :26:01.2
   338  GREY, George '79    ,CAN                  CANADIAN NAT     :26:02.1
   444  KERSHAW, Devon '82  ,CAN                  CANADIAN NAT     :26:04.4
   529  SWENSON, Carl '70   Park City,UT 1109680 USA US Ski Team   :26:05.1
   632  FLORA, Lars '78     ANCHORAGE,AK          Subaru Factory   :26:27.2
   741  GOLDSACK, Drew '81  ,CAN                  CANADIAN NAT     :26:27.6
   845  JEFFRIES, Chris '78 ,CAN                  CANADIAN NAT     :26:27.7
   919  ROGN, Geir—endre '81Albuquerque,          UNM              :26:28.9
  1048  CHAMBERLAIN, David  BETHEL,ME    1156628 USA               :26:35.2
  1143  FREEMAN, Justin '76 Park City,UT 1245771 USA US Ski Team   :26:35.3
  1230  GIESE, Chad '76     ST. PAUL,MN  1337727 USA Subaru        :26:40.3
  1350  FLAGSTAD, Trond ' 0 Eagle                 UAA              :26:50.0
  1437  WEAVER, Patrick '69 NEWMARKET,NH 1117537 USA Team Atomic   :26:52.0
  1546  KATES, Adam '80     CANMORE,CAN           NTDC/Soo Finnis  :26:55.9
  1642  ROYCROFT, Dan '78   CANMORE,CAN           NTDC/Stage II N  :26:56.5
  17 6  WEIER, Matt '80     MARQUETTE,MI 1202800 USA Atomic        :27:03.2
  1847  JOHNSON, Andrew '78 Park City,UT 1285444 USA US Ski Team   :27:04.3
  1940  COOK, Chris '80     PARK CITY,UT 1334720 USA US Ski Team   :27:06.1
  2018  ENMAN, Eli '77      Huntington,V 3530029 USA Team          :27:07.2


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