Boulder Mountain Tour: Highlights, The Day After and Wax Report

FasterSkierFebruary 9, 2004

The weather and ski conditions for this year’s Boulder Mountain Tour were pretty much as according to the weather forecast. A few inches of new snow, race time temperature of around 22 Fahrenheit and low to medium humidity. The (relatively) low humidity made for slower “than hoped for skiing” and makes it harder to see progress from your fastest previous year’s results conditions and this year’s race for those who look at those things. Have in mind that the elite skiers skied a lot slower than last year as well, when you view your results. If the top guys skied 12 minutes slower and you are not among them you should (percent vice) add more than 12 minutes to your last year’s time when making comparisons. You have made lots of progress if you for example only skied 12-18 minutes slower than last year!

Some Highlights
Nathan Schultz (finally) won the men’s race after having placed in the top six numerous times. He showed that patience pays off.
Justin Wadsworth lost the battle for first by 1 foot. Justin retired from ski racing after last season to focus on adventure racing. Atomic skis convinced Justin to appear in four races this season. This was Justin seconds race of the year and it shows that you shouldn’t underestimate experience — retired or not. Justin and Nathan simply skied away from the “pack” — that was strong, given the conditions.


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