Doping Scandal Cost Finish Sport $18 Million

FasterSkierFebruary 20, 2004

Norwegian Newspaper VG reports that the Finish doping scandal during the 2001 World Championship has cost Finish sport at least $16 million Euro (roughly $18 million US dollars).

That’s lots of money in a small country like Finland.

The World Championship in Lahti became a nightmare for Finland.

National heroes Harri Kirvesniemi, Jari Isometsa, Mika Myllyla, Virpi Kuitunen and Milla Jauho were caught for having used the plasma expanding substance HES.

The loss of at least $18 million is from reduced sponsor income.

-“Sponsors have, in the aftermath of the scandal, chosen to support (other) cultural or youth activities instead of sport. The sponsors don’t want to risk being associated with doping,” reports the Finish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Money that still goes to elite sport is now being invested in single events instead of supporting sport federations like cross country skiing.

The Finish educational department calculated the amount of the loss to sport.



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