Fast Mom Karen Waeschle

FasterSkierFebruary 27, 2004

There were 3240 men and 577 women that completed the 2004 American Birkie.
Another 1002 men and 707 women did the Korteloppet

This new mini-series is about “moms” in cross country ski racing. We have realized that men have been dominating the cross country racing scene for some time now and want to give women a look at some fast, fit and motivated “moms” that also happens to enjoy cross country ski racing.

We hope that women will find this inspiring and take the challenge. The Surgeon General talks about the need for daily exercising. We think that XC skiing and ski training is the ideal way of battling general aging and the physical problems that comes along with it. Our suggestion is to use racing goals to stay motivated. Decide today that you are going to participate in “something” next season. Start with something doable and easy, not a marathon! The training for that should start now. Again start today and pat yourself on the back nine months from now when the next XC ski season starts. 

Next up is Karen Waeschle of Winter Park, Colorado

Karen placed 23rd overall (6in her age group) among the women in the 2004 Birkie

Karen is 41 years old and married to David

They have three children: Colby, 9; Linnea 7; Simon 5

Karen grew up in Wayzata, MN

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