Russian And German Skiers Takes Top Spots In Skate Race

FasterSkierFebruary 5, 2004

STRYN, Norway (Feb. 5) — Continued rains produced more sloppy going Thursday at the World Nordic Junior Championships for the second day of cross country skiing. Russians swept the women's 5K freestyle while Germany's Franz Goering won the men's 10K by three seconds. Top U.S. result came from Lindsay Williams (Hastings, MN; Northern Michigan University), who was 14th in the 5K.

 Russian skiers dominated Thursday’s women’s 5 kilometer skate race, capturing the top three spots at The Junior World Championship at Stryn, Norway. Russian Irina Artemova collected her second straight gold medal, winning in 13:03.7 with teammate Anna Slepova silver medalist in 13:17.2. Lindsey Williams, USA was the top North American with a good 14th place, 39 seconds behind the winner. Williams' time was 13:42.6. Canada’s Perianne Jones was 22nd -56 seconds out.

In the men's two-lap 10 kilometer freestyle race, Franz Goering of Germany won, 3 seconds ahead of Yevgeniy Koschevoy of Kazakhstan. Top North American was Canada's Dave Nighbor in 35th place. Bret Bedard (Cheshire, MA; Stratton Mountain School) had the best U.S. result, finishing in 26:44.3.

Freestyle sprints will be held Saturday and the championships conclude Sunday with relays.

Women’s 5 kilometer Freestyle (76 racers):

Women's 5K FR
1. Irina Artemova, Russia, 13:03.7
2. Anna Slepova, Russia, 13:17.2
3. Valentina Novikova, Russia, 13:20.5
4. Doris Trachsel, Switzerland, 13:23.0
5. Ivana Janeckova, Czech Republic, 13:26.2

14. Lindsey Williams, USA 13.42
22. Perianne Jones, CAN 13.56
40. Amanda Ammar, CAN 14.11
45. Lindsey Weir, USA 14.17
46. Lindsey Crocker, USA 14.17
60. Sonne Nordgren, USA 14.39
63. Claire Rennie, CAN 14.53
72. Marcia Birkigt, CAN 15.31

Men’s 10 kilometer Freestyle (87 racers)

1. Franz Goering, Germany, 24:19.2
2. Yevgeniy Koschevoy, Kazakhstan, 24:22.2
3. Nikolay Morilov, Russia, 24:45.8
4. Sergey Cherepanov, Kazakhstan, 24:51.1
5. Anatoly Neuchesov, Russia, 24:56.3

35. David Nighbor, CAN 26.09
53. Bret Bedard, USA 26.44
59. Casey Simons, USA 27.07
61. Jesse Heckrodt, CAN 27.09
62. Michael Sinnott, USA 27.16
68. Brent McMurtry, CAN 27.24
70. Christopher Werrell, CAN 27.26
71. Beau Baldoch, USA 27.31

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Source: & US Ski Team


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