Beckie Scott Completes National Hat Trick at Canadian Cross-Country Ski Championships

FasterSkierMarch 23, 2004

Charlo, N.B.-Canada’s Beckie Scott grabbed her third national title of the week on Sunday after winning the women’s 30-kilometre mass start at the Canadian Cross-Country Ski Championships in Charlo, N.B.

Scott, of Vermilion, Alta., won gold in the women’s open category with a time of one hour 30 minutes 12 seconds. The 2002 Olympic champion finished just over five minutes ahead of Sara Renner, of Canmore, Alta., who grabbed her third silver medal of the week behind Scott. Milaine Theriault, of St. Quentin, N.B., made her second trip to the podium after winning consecutive bronze medals with a third-place time of 1:35:20.5.

Three other athletes also captured their third title of the week. David Nighbor, of North Bay, Ont., won the 50-kilometre junior men’s title for 18- and 19-year-old athletes with a time of 1:28:57, while Edmonton’s Amanda Ammar claimed the title in the 10-kilometre junior girls event (athletes 16 and 17) with a leading mark of 34:30.1, and Natasha Kullas, of Timmins, Ont., also made her third trip to the gold-medal position on the podium in the 7.5-kilometre juvenile girls category (athletes under 16) after setting the time to beat at 23:59.1. All four athletes also won gold in the two-day pursuit competitions and Madshus sprints.

Ivan Babikov, who recently moved to Canada from Russia and resides in Canmore, Alta., won the 50-kilometre open men’s category. Babikov completed the ultra-marathon with a leading time of 2:22:41.0. Dan Roycroft, of Port Sydney, Ont., was the next fastest athlete to cross the line finishing 2 minutes 59 seconds off the leading pace, while Adam Kates, of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., was third at 2:25:41.0.

Other sprint titleholders on Friday included: Ottawa’s Claire Rennie winning the 15-kilometre junior women’s division (50:52.8); Chris Butler, of Thunder Bay, Ont. (44:06.5), who claimed the 15-kilometre junior boys event; and Alex Harvey, of Quebec, who crossed the line first in the 7.5-kilometre juvenile boys event with a time of 21:20.1.

Complete Canadian Cross-Country Ski Championship Results:

Top-4 Open Men’s Results: 50 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Ivan Babikov Canmore, Alta. 2:22:41.0 (leading time)

2 Dan Roycroft Port Sydney, Ont. +2:59.2

3 Adam Kates Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. +3:00.0

4 Drew Goldsack Red Deer, Atla. +4:09.0

Top-4 Open Women’s Results: 30 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Beckie Scott Vermilion, Alta. 1:30:12.0 (leading time)

2. Sara Renner Canmore, Alta. +5:08.0

3. Milaine Theriault St. Quentin, N.B. +5:08.5

4 Shayla Swanson Calgary +8:50.0

Top-4 Junior Men’s Results: Ages 18 and 19 – 30 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 David Nighbor North Bay, Ont. 1:28:57.0 (leading time)

2 Jesse Heckrodt Salmon Arm, B.C. +.4

3 Casey Dyck Calgary +33.3

4 Christopher Werrell Kelowna, B.C. +2:34.5

Top-4 Junior Women’s Results: Ages 18 and 19 – 15 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Claire Rennie Ottawa 50:52.8 (leading time)

2 Marcia Birkigt Athabasca, Alta. +26.1

3 Megan Hudson Edmonton +1:39.9

4 Crystin Jacques Canmore, Alta. +2:48.0

Top-4 Junior Boys Results: Ages 16 and 17 – 15 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Chris Butler Thunder Bay, Ont. 44:06.5 (leading time)

2 Marc-Andre Bedard Quebec City +8.5

3 Brent McMurtry Calgary +19.1

4 Maxime Leboeuf Val-Belair, Que. +34.5

Top-4 Junior Girls Results: Ages 16 and 17 – 10 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Amanda Ammar Edmonton 34:30.0 (leading time)

2 Viktoria Koskenoja Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. +5.8

3 Berit Dool Thunder Bay, Ont. +10.8

4 Claude Godbout Quebec +36.7

Top-4 Juvenile Boys Results: Under Age 16 – 7.5 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Alex Harvey Quebec 21:20.1 (leading time)

2 Haakon Lenes Banff, Alta. +.4

3 Luke Viljakainen Thunder Bay, Ont. +.8

4 Jess Cockney Banff, Alta. +9.1

Top-4 Juvenile Girls Results: Under Age 16 – 7.5 KM Mass Start

Rank Name Hometown Time Behind

1 Natasha Kullas Timmins, Ont. 23:59.1 (leading time)

2 Kelsey Dool Thunder Bay, Ont. +40.3

3 Sara Hewitt Calgary +43.0

4 Veronic Massicotte Thunder Bay, Ont. +44.2

Source: Cross Country Canada


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