Would not have bet on myself

FasterSkierMarch 10, 2004

With recent poor results in the Holmenkollen 50-km Frode Estil was far from confident before last Sunday’s 15-km World Cup race in Lahti. But he won anyhow.

Sunday’s victory was Frode Estil’s second this year. The first one came in Otepää, Estonia on January 10th. The following weekend he got second in Nove Mesto, but it since has been harder to measure up for Estil. Perhaps the 70-km long Marcialonga affected his good shape and the following Norwegian Championships, but Estil does not regret skiing the famous Italian marathon race. His only good result since, however, was in the 15 km classical race in UmeÃ¥, Sweden.

The 50-km Holmenkollen race the weekend before last was very hard, with Frode ending up in 34th place, seven minutes behind the winner. “I was extremely disappointed with my results, and became insecure about my skiing. My ambitions were much higher than what I accomplished”.

According to himself, he was therefore not one of the favorites for the next World Cup race in Lahti.
“I would not have bet on myself. I was also surprised by the result, but these things make it even more fun. I would have put my money on Lukas Bauer, who has skied very well lately, or on Veerpalu. Obviously, the 50-km effort in Holmenkollen did something for me. Sometimes tough times make changes happen,” explains Estil.


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