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FasterSkierApril 25, 2004

“Everything will probably become a little easier when I travel to camps along with Norway’s best sprinters,” says Borre Naess following being selected to the sprint National team.

“I still have to prove myself but there are advantages being on team,” continues Borre.

No training changes

Borre was rewarded with a national team spot, and now wants to make sure that he avoids the “trap”.

“Many skiers have failed after making the team by increasing the training volume (too much). I’m planning of doing pretty much what I did last season,” says Borre.

He feels that he must have done something right and the results proved this.

“I will continue to include speed and explosiveness workouts and at the same time do longer ski workouts to ensure that I develop the engine,” says Borre.

He is meeting with the sprint coach next week to discuss next season’s training.

Sponsor hunt

Borre is currently recovering from the season and it can be 3-4 off-days in between each workout.

Normal training resumes May 1. He has been looking for sponsors this month without much luck. That might change with the new title; National team member.

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