Faulty Doping Testing

FasterSkierJune 17, 2004

Norwegian cross country skiers are upset that skiers from several nations have not been tested out of competition the last three years. – Scary says Olympic Champion Frode Estil.

The Norwegian skiers found out during a meeting with skiers from other nations that several skiers are not tested out of competition. Frode Estil is upset.

– It’s scary to hear this. I was hoping that the system would work in a way that everyone was being tested equally number of times. WADA has a big job to do in this department, says Estil. He was tested 30 times himself last season, 10 of the tests were out-of competition.

Chief of Sport Bjornar Hakensmoen won’t say which nations this is about, but says it’s more distinct the further “East” (in Europe) you get.

WADA president, Rune Andresen doesn’t like what he is hearing.
– Cross Country skiing has a doping problem, and XC skiing need to get a grip on this and test the skiers as fast as possible. Each nation’s anti-doping system also needs to be further developed, not only in Europe but all over the World, says Andresen.


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