Needed new motivation

FasterSkierJune 24, 2004

Germany’s Evi Sachenbacher struggled getting motivated after last season, and looked for more personal coaching than the German National Team was able to give her – her answer was the coach of the Swedish Biathlon Team.

Sachenbacher ended up eleventh overall in last season’s World Cup, with a couple of top-3 finishes in individual competitions. At the end of the season her motivation came to a low-point, and she chose to switch coach. Her new coach is Wolfgang Pichler, coach of the Swedish biathlon team and biathlon World Champion Magdalena Forsberg’s former coach.

Sachenbacher will train with the Swedish biathlon team during their camps. She has already joined the team on a few camps and says she enjoys her new team. A new coach and new program does not mean a break from the German National Team.

– I will also train with the German Team, but will do my own program, created by Wolfgang Pichler, also when I’m with the German Team.

Regarding changed in between her old and new training, she says:
– I train much more intense, but other than this, it’s not much different, says Evi who became a National hero in Germany after winning an individual silver and a relay gold during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.


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