Summer Ski Race In Kragero, Norway June 26

FasterSkierJune 5, 2004

By — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen wrote about upcoming summer competitions for elite skiers on May 13.

( ). One of these competitions is in the small costal town of Kragero, Norway on June 26th. You’ll find a few nice photos showing how they truck in snow from “far away mountains”, how spectators and boats (!) surround the course and from the festivities including marching bands by going to the organizers own web site –

The first summer race in Kragero was held 20 years ago and the organizers budget for the event was 10,000 Norwegian kroner or US $1400. Twenty years later it’s almost 500,000 kroner or US $70,000.

This year’s event includes a 100 classic sprint and a ski jumping competition with both a male and a female class. The best 100 meter time last year was 15.2 seconds. The local police will assist with timing and the verification of the course length this year.

Past winners and former champions expected to participate in the festivities surrounding the event includes Geir Holte, Thomas Alsgaard, Bente Skari, Bjorn Daehlie, Oddvar Braa and Anette Boe.  


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