Waxed For Two Olympic Gold Medal Winners In The Same Race

FasterSkierJune 21, 2004

National team wax technician, Geir Tufto was heavily involved in the Norwegian wax controversy last winter. He made it clear that he would not continue if substantial (personnel) changes didn’t occur, these changes did not materialize.

– It wasn’t an option for me to continue as long as they wanted to operate as they did, said Tufto to Langrenn.com.

Tufto has been considered one of the absolute best Norwegian waxers, and he soon got job offers. Tufto confirmed that he got an offer from the Norwegian biathlon team – but he turned down the offer.

As a result, Geir’s life as a waxer for Norwegian national team skiers is definitely over, after eleven years in the wax cabin. He is going back to being a carpenter in his home town Hol.

Geir Tufto was involved in a period where Norwegian cross country skiing had fantastic results, and Tufto was behind several of the biggest stars. He was responsible for Bente Skari, Thomas Alsgaard and Frode Estil’s skis. A group that has given him lots of joy. Estil and Alsgaard shared the pursuit Gold in Salt Lake City when Muehlegg was disqualified for doping. Tufto believes it’s going to be hard to beat that “wax” record (Two gold in the same race for two skiers from the same nation waxed by the same waxer).

– That was incredibly fun and it should be a while before someone can tie or top that, said Tufto.

Bente Skari is the skier Geir has been closest to and followed the longest as a waxer. Geir is looking back at this with great joy.
– I started as a waxer when she was on the junior national team. She was the slowest on the team and I was the worst waxer. We have since that worked “hand in hand”, and have both enjoyed it very much.

Tufto believes that his success as a waxer is a result of years of practice and “routine”.
– It’s important to have experience and stay calm in this game. You are always in situations that require fast decisions. That’s when you need to be calm and make the right decisions, says Tufto. He feels despite last season’s controversy that he has many good memories as a waxer for the Norwegian national team.
– It was fun, says Geir.


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