Cross Country Skiing Is Trendy Again

FasterSkierJuly 25, 2004

Robert Gjerstad: Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported this spring that cross country skiing is trendy again after being considered “out” ten years ago.

Some examples of the trend:

“On-hold” lines when you call for track condition reports even on weekdays
Longer lines at the cross country sport shops on Fridays than at the liquor stores 
Children’s cross country ski-school classes offered at day-care.

Cross country skiing is “in” again. Cool and hip are words describing the new trend say one sport shop owner.

“You know that something is going on when the shops are adding extra ski clinics, regular people are quitting their smoking habits to prepare for the Birkie and the interest for  Skarverennet, Norway’s biggest ski races is increasing.”

It’s hard to describe why this change is occurring but young adults seem to again have a need for getting out. We don’t know if this is due to a need for exercising or because it’s a trendy thing to do , but the 14-18-years olds that normally disappears to snow-boarding, telemark or alpine skiing seems to be coming back to cross country when they get a little older.

Increasing sales numbers

330 000 pair of cross country skis were sold in Norway last year, a record year. The pree-sales numbers for the upcoming season are looking equally good or better.

The new trend might even make it possible for the Norwegian men’s team to compete with the Germans for the overall World Cup title in a few years!


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