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FasterSkierJuly 14, 2004’s new “The Club” subscription service was introduced last week and has created lots of interest prior to the first issue arriving in May.

We have had skiers from six nations sign up already. Many of the subscribers have identified themselves as coaches, other as racers and many consider themselves to be both.  We have a healthy mix of well-known names and new-to-us names among the subscribers so far. The first issue is coming out May 20th.  


train smarter

Receiving this type of information is not like buying a training plan that’s going to make you a champion overnight. It’s more like getting a chance to see what’s available, what top skiers and coaches are doing and thinking, and what elite athletes from other sports are doing. It is a way to expand and develop your own understanding, and repertoire of ideas and knowledge, as a racer or coach. It’s often the smartest athlete that skis the fastest, not necessarily the one who's the most talented or trained the hardest. The Club will help develop this “smartness” or understanding to take your racing or coaching to the next level. It is, in our opinion, the only way to really improve and become the best.  

You will succeed if you view each issue as going to a class or talk. If you walk out with one or several good ideas — it was worth it. If you find something of value in each issue, it’s worth it.   

Additional benefits

We have some ideas for giving subscribers some extra values as we move toward the winter. We are not quite to the point where we can sell these added benefits or make promises, it will simply happen as we go along.

Comments on the cost

We received lots of comments and suggestions last week, including some about the $89/year subscription price.

Some samples: “Concerned about the price since we don’t know what we are getting”, “great initiative”, “what took you so long”, “too expensive”,”wonderful idea — sign me up”, “please send a bill to our club”.  

The work going into this is extensive and numerous expenses are involved. We view the price as reasonable when you compare it to the cost of one can of fluorocarbon ($80-130). Take a 1.5 hour private ski lesson at a touring center, get a 1-2 hour massage, call someone to fix your furnace and you pay the same.

What about cancellations?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription if you for some reason don’t like it after you have received your first one or two issues. You will in that case be charged a pro-rated price for those issues you received and a cancellation fee of $15.

To Sign Up, go here:

For more information on the FasterSkier subscription service, read this article:


Below is last week’s email that went out to’s email subscribers

Dear Coaches and Racers,

We are happy to introduce's new Subscription service, the absolute best resource for the latest in cross-country ski training.  It is a resource that no coach, parent, or athlete should be without.

The recent success of sprints and mass-start races has caused technique and training ideas to change rapidly.  You do not want to be left behind.  As Olympic skiers and coaches, we have always found that new ideas, in the form of detailed articles written by successful skiers, coaches and researchers, are necessary in order to take a new step forward.  Here is your chance to take your coaching or racing to the next level.

We have modeled this service, in part, after the Norwegian Coaches Club, which we have been members of for more than 20 years.  Almost every ambitious Norwegian coach is a member of the club.  In the club's monthly or bi-monthly mailings we have always found information and advice that we apply to our own coaching and racing.

Our goal is to make's new Subscription service a similar indispensable knowledge source for North American coaches and racers.  It will be the most valuable and inspirational resource available for you as a skier, and we expect that all ambitious coaches, parents, and athletes will sign up.  We already have lots of great material for the first few issues.

The cost for this service is $89/year.  Subscribers will receive a minimum of twenty in-depth articles and a number of shorter articles per year (2 – 3 articles per month).  For the price of one can of fluorocarbon, you will have year-long access to the latest information from the world's top coaches and athletes.  If you sign up now, your subscription will be valid until May 20, 2005.

The material in these articles will focus on:

. All types of training methods and planning including advanced endurance training

. Testing and testing methods (lactate testing, time-trials, etc)

. Modern strength training

. Peaking

. Age-group training

. Training of children and youth

. Training of juniors

. Nutrition

. Medical

To Sign Up, go here:

For more information on the FasterSkier subscription service, read this article:

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