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FasterSkierJuly 13, 2004’s premiere issue of the new subscription service, “The Club” covering in-dept training and racing articles was emailed to subscribers on May 20. Three articles included a study on modern double pole technique, as well as training methods used by the World’s best runners, the Moroccans and the Kenyans.

The “Club” is meant to be a place where coaches, serious racers and parents will receive articles and material that can update or stimulate their coaching and racing. Most of “The Club's” articles will cover issues related to training and racing, but will also include material for all ages and abilities, from World Cup skiers’ training to important elements of youth and age group training and skiing. The initial goal is that this will become a place to not only receive new ideas and information, but also a place to share ideas.

Sign-ups for the service was slow in the beginning but picked up a great deal the last two weeks prior to the publishing date for the first issue. A good mix of US coaches, serious racers from both US and Canada, parents and a nice group of international coaches and skiers are now our subscribers. Additional sign-ups are coming in daily.

“The Club” subscription will not affect the content of’s regular articles. We will continue to post informational, training and racing articles on the site. However, the material in “The Club” is developed over longer time, is hard to find in other places, and includes in-depth articles that will not be included in the general posting on

A Bonus
We had boasted in an earlier introduction that we want the subscribers to feel that they are a part of something unique, and a forum that will help them as racers or coaches. We also have designed certain surprises planned along the way; in the first issue everyone got the choice of a free video (never before offered) from a World Cup sprint or Marathon World Cup race from last season (shipping included), a $35 value.

The topics in the first issue’s three articles were:

1. Modern Double-pole technique
World Cup and Vasaloppet winner Anders Aukland’s younger brother Fredrik recently did an extensive study on traditional and modern double pole technique based on literature review, video and muscle analyzes at the Norwegian Sport College. We found his photos and findings very interesting since it in a simple way points out the differences in what today’s best double polers are doing different from only a few years ago when skiers like Daehlie dominated the scene. As coaches we feel it’s important to be aware of these changes and how to teach and explain what’s being done by the best skiers today. As you know double poling is also an essential part of skating, so these ideas can and should also be considered when teaching skating.

2. How the World’s Best Distance Runners are training
The second and third articles in this first issue were a detailed presentation of how the Moroccan and Kenyan runners are training. We feel it’s imperative to look at the World’s best endurance athletes and runners when we discuss and decide training volume and interval method’s for Cross-Country skiers. Yes, running is different from Cross Country skiing, but MaxVO2, efficiency and speed requirement are essential in both sports. We found the details in these two articles to be very informative and interesting. We feel it’s an added edge to know the length and number of intervals done at the different times of year by someone that runs close to or breaks the World records in the 5000 and 10000 meter.

The topics in the upcoming June issue are tentatively planned to be: Speed Training and Modern Interval Training.

For more information or to sign up go to:


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