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FasterSkierJuly 13, 2004

Stay updated, inspired, motivated and get new training ideas with the Club.

The staff at frequently comes across very good articles
and material that we think special groups of our readership would be interested
in. However, with our current resources, it would be too labor-intensive
to write these in-depth articles for general posting on the web site,
where they would not be of interest to the casual observer. We also find
ourselves with numerous ideas for producing training related material
over and above what we are currently posting, but these ideas are dropped
for the same reasons.

We are now realizing that the only way such ideas and articles can be
produced is if we charge for them in form of a subscription service. This
fee will be used to pay translators, researchers, coaches, and editors
to produce this new material.These article will be delivered monthly to
all subscribers via email.

Subscribers will receive a minimum of twenty in-depth articles and
a number of shorter articles per year (2 – 3 articles per month) for an
annual price of $89.00.

The material in these articles will focus on:

  • All types of training, training methods and training planning including
    advanced endurance training
  • Testing and testing methods (lactate testing, time-trials, etc)
  • Modern strength training
  • Peaking
  • Age-group training
  • Training of children and youth
  • Training of juniors
  • Nutrition
  • Medical

We already have great material on hand to get started, and more is coming
in. Some articles will be short and direct while others more in-depth
with all the background material attached.

We know one thing for sure — this will be material that “we would have
died for” when we were training hard or were responsible for coaching
ambitious skiers. In fact, we still think that this is the most interesting
thing there is to discuss!

The subscription service will start May 20th, 2004. The articles will
be delivered to you by e-mail during the last week of each month. The
first few articles will be:

  • How Champions in other endurance sports are training
  • Endurance training — understanding and prioritizing what’s important
  • Speed training for Cross-Country skiers
  • Training planning — for full-time workers to full-time athletes
  • Strength training optimized for Cross-Country skiers

The cost for this service is $89/year and can be paid by check or
credit card. Your subscription will be valid until May 20, 2005.

Here to Sign up

Please Note: This new subscription service WILL NOT replace
any of the current article and features you currently get on
FasterSkier will continue to bring you all of the great articles it currently
does, free of charge. The subscription service is for those serious skiers,
coaches and interested parents who want even more in-depth coverage and
analysis of cross country skiing, above and beyond
what is currently able to offer.

We reserve the rights to the material and it can not be
reproduced or forwarded to third parties.


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