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FasterSkierJuly 22, 2004

The second set of my vacation photos are from a running and sightseeing session on some of the trails I used to run daily when I was a kid, training for track, cross country running and skiing.

The myth: A rock to the Viking Queen ensures good luck

The first stop was after only a few kilometers to “throw a rock to the old Viking Queen” in order to ensure good luck. This is a custom that I have “obeyed” every time I have passed this spot since I was a kid. My dad has done the same since he was a kid and he learned it again from his father. I don’t know when this started, but it goes way back in time…I like to think back to the Vikings. The myth is that a rock offering to the Queen ensured that your trip would be a good one. You would catch fish when fishing, have a good hunt when hunting, not fall and spill out your cranberries when berry picking and so on…. Well, I never got any running injuries and always had good workouts on that loop, the myth might be true!

World War 2 Bunker

The rest of the run went across some small beaches, onto the new 5-6 km of lighted ski- trails, pass the old ski jumps and along some nice areas overlooking the fjord.
A nice little tour down memory lane.

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