Skofterud In Minor Car Accident

FasterSkierAugust 26, 2004

World Cup skier Vibeke Skofterud (Norway) was driving on the freeway from Drammen to Oslo last week when the cars in front slowed down to a stop. Skofterud stopped as well but the car behind didn’t and jammed into Skofterud’s car from behind at approximately 40 miles per hour, according to the 20-year old male driver. Skofterud’s car is still drivable while the other car was totaled.

The other driver walked away with no injuries while Vibeke was fine as well but noted some neck and head pain after the hard hit

– I was hit hard and my head hit the steering wheel. I visited the hospital later in the evening for precautions.

 Shoulder problems

Skofterud had surgery on her right shoulder at the end of March. It is no longer “popping out”, but she still has occasional pain. The plan now calls for x-rays to see if this can be fixed

– I’m tired of my shoulder problems! Something is not right. But I have luckily been able to train well, and am not behind physically. Everything has gone well this summer with the exception of the shoulder, says the 24-year old, that is leaving for a three week long national team camp in the Italian Alps on Monday this week.

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