Swedish Racing Success In Estland

FasterSkierAugust 16, 2004

Many of the Worlds best Cross-Country skiers participated in a three-part competition in the annual races in Saku Suverull in Estonia last weekend.

The competition starts with a 2.7-kilometer classic rollerski prolog. This is followed by a 3-kilometer cross-country running race for women and 6-kilometer for men. The start- intervals in the running race are only two meters and based upon the results from the prolog. The fastest skiers start first. The last competition is a 12 (women) and 20 (men) kilometer skate rollerski race where the skiers starts based upon their results in the running race (fastest runners starts first).

Anders Sodergren and Mathias Fredriksson of Sweden won the men’s race ahead of Thobias Angerer of Germany. Angerer was only one second behind Sodergren.

Frode Estil of Norway was 10th, 1.08,7 behind the winner. Jorgen Aukland was 17, 2,10,7 behind.
Kristina Smigun won the women’s race 2.3 seconds ahead of Valentia Schevhenko and Aiono-Kaisa Saarinen of Finland in third.


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