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FasterSkierSeptember 25, 2004

Swedish reports that Olympic biathlon champion Ole Einar Bjorndalen, Norway showed that he is in good shape during a time-trial in Ruhpolding, Germany. He hopes to ski faster this winter.

Bjorndalen won four biathlon gold’s at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, but left last year’s biathlon Worlds in Oberhof without gold medals.  Last weekend he raced a time-trial in Rupholding together with the Italian biathlon team and won in dominating fashion. He was happy to see and feel that he is on track.

– I’m in good shape and have trained well this summer. I’m excited to see what I can do this winter, said Bjorndalen. He has tried hard to improve his shooting this summer.

Bjorndalen was along with Per Elofsson one of the World’s fastest cross country skiers in the 2001-02 season, but didn’t race as fast last year. He is hoping to be back in top ski shape this winter.

– I’m planning on racing the Norwegian cross country World Cup qualifier at Beitostolen to see if I can ski faster this year. Last season was bad.

He believes he knows why he didn’t ski fast last year.

– I trained well, but did a small mistake during the same time period as we are in now.

You have to listen to your body and not do everything as you have planned to do. You body isn’t a calendar, you need to have “feeling”, says Einar and hopes that tough training combined with easy (training) will bring back “new heights”

He is doing most of his training from his new home in Obertillach, Austria.

The are World Championships in both biathlon and cross country this winter and he might compete in both if things go well.

– The upcoming season is important, but I’m focusing towards the 2006 Olympics, says Bjorndalen.


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