Fischer Announces New Centrix Boots

FasterSkierSeptember 29, 2004

Fischer announces a complete new series of performance boots called CENTRIX. These state-of-the-art boots were developed for demanding racers and athletes to maximize their skating and classic performance.

WHY CENTRIX? Fischer's overall design goal with Centrix is to maximize power generated by the skier to the ski. The key to this concept is fit. Energy can only be transferred into forward movement on cross-country skis if your feet are securely supported inside the boot. If your boot does not fit properly you no longer have full performance because energy will be wasted in stabilization. This is why we have developed Centrix, a boot system designed to the anatomical shape of the foot to provide the highest performance possible.

The Centrix System provides a unique connection between your foot and your ski. The foot is so well supported that each movement is transferred into efficient forward speed. The ski reacts immediately to each kick, each push off, and each command.

Source: Fischer Press Release

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