Glacier Skiing At Val Senales, Italy

FasterSkierSeptember 26, 2004

The Val Senales glacier, in Italy at 3200 meters altitude, offers year-round cross country skiing. Top teams from around the World are using the popular site for summer and fall training and testing. Ski companies are often found testing new products or materials.

Silvio Fauner on Val Senales glacier

SOLDA' Ski Wax provided wax service to the entire group.  

The Val Senales Glacier is 3.200 meters high.  There is an impressive gondola that is lifting the skiers in only a few minutes from the 2100 meters of the valley to the glacier which is located in the very north of the Italian Alps on the border to the Austrian Alps, 70 kms from Bolzano and about 120 from St.Moritz, Switzerland.

The glacier is open all year round, although it might be not usable for skiing during the peak period of the winter, as the temperature might be very low and the wind too strong.

Val Senales is one of Europe’s best places for summer skiing .Many cross country and alpine teams and individuals come here every year.  It is also extensively used by the testers from ski factories and ski equipments companies thanks to its good range of alpine runs lying from 2500 to 3300 meters and great cross country trails.

Alpine skiers can enjoy 35 kilometer of different slopes, from green to black difficulty while x-c skiers can enjoy 17-kilometers of great tracks.

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