Uncertain Recovery Time For Unni Odegaard

FasterSkierSeptember 1, 2004

It is very uncertain how long time it will take before Unni Odegaard is functioning normally again following her rollerski accident two weeks ago.

Unni is still in the hospital. Her father, Roy Odegaard says that Unni is slowly recovering, but it is still very uncertain when she will be fully rehabilitated.

– She got a serious concussion and needs to take it easy for a long time. The time frame is very uncertain, but it’s clear that it will be a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation, says Roy Odegaard.

The head injury needs to heal on its own and Unni needs to be careful and take it easy in the near future. Roy believes that his daughter will spend another two weeks at the hospital before she can start rehabilitation training.

One leg suffered muscle damage in addition to the concussion. Unni can still not walk on that leg, but is able to get out of bed and is mostly sitting up at the hospital.

On Friday, FasterSkier.com sent get well wishes from many of our readers to Unni, via her father. We will continue to forward any emails for Unni that you wish to send to us: http://www.fasterskier.com/contact.php


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