NewsEarly Season Specials On SOLDA Glide Wax

FasterSkierOctober 8, 2004

The 2004/2005 SOLDA Glide waxes and tools can now be viewed and ordered online
at <  Guidelines for how to use all SOLDA waxes are available on the TorbjornSport web site. Send an email to if you want us to email you an easy-to-use complete SOLDA price list and order form.
Take a look at the article from Monday Oct 4th about SOLDA – Top
Skiers Are Choosing SOLDA Glide wax
  – to get some insight into
how the new management at SOLDA – Italy is approaching testing and product development
this year.
New this season:
PowerJet/5 – Solid Warm Fluor for very warm and wet snow conditions. 22 grams
$65. Small — 5 grams $22
Early season specials:
Get 15% discount on any size order and free shipping on orders placed before
October 20, 2004. Check your wax box now and place your order today! Note:
Mention 15% off in the comment box at checkout. This offer can not be combined
with other specials.

Stock up now:
Waxes we often run out of due to rush when certain conditions occur before large
races are:

  • Warm Fluor and HPO5 in powder and spray
  • F31 Orange and Violet
  • S30 Cold Powder 

Here are some other good reasons we feel SOLDA Glide Wax will be great this

  1. You will have the fastest skis at the lowest cost (isn’t that
    what it’s all about?)
    Check out our exceptional prices on large blocks and Solid Fluorocarbons.
  2. SOLDA’s Internet Wax Maestro, available at
    is an invaluable tool for choosing the right wax for any condition. 
    It reduces testing to a minimum and takes the mystery out of waxing.  
    Simply input snow type, humidity, temperature and weather type, and the Wax
    Maestro will give you the fastest race wax in seconds.
  3. You will have the Simplest System
    • Fluorocarbons: High end race wax
    • F-31 line: High fluor waxes for high humidity above 60%
    • F-15 line: Medium fluor waxes  for medium humidity 40 — 70%
    • UF7 Universal: For training and racing in low humidity — one wax
      for everything
    • Cold additives and bulk training waxes
    • Five familiar cold to warm colors cover all temperature ranges for all
  4. SOLDA’s lines of medium and high fluor waxes F-15 and F-31 are
    very well received. 
    They work excellent as top race layers or as
    base waxes for any pure fluor-carbon waxes or additives.  The new spray
    HP05 and spray Warm Fluorocarbon waxes were huge hits, and we know that:
    Top World Cup Nations continue to purchase all SOLDA’s Fluor Carbons
    in solids, powder, spray and paste, as well as F-15, F-31 lines and additives
    SOLDA was successfully used by a number of podium finishers in the 2003-2004
    World Cup in both Cross Country, Nordic Combined and Biathlon   

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