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FasterSkierOctober 26, 2004

By Eli Brown, Fischer XC Race Director

Photo By Pete Vordenberg, USST Coach,

How does it work for you to balance traveling with the USST and your family?

So far it has worked out well to be together as a family for all of the travel, training, and racing. It has to be a family commitment or stuff at this level would tear a family apart. There are times of frustration and disappointment for sure, but we manage to work through them. As a family we have very strong Christian beliefs so at times the environment around the team is less than pleasing. Overall the team enjoys having us along and it is becoming more enjoyable every time we meet up with them. They have come to accept that Sharbel and Tabor are just as much a part of this endeavor as I am. It is very costly to have 3 people from one family following the hectic schedule of the USST, but it is worth every cent. We have already seen how neat it is to be sharing in this unique life experience as a family. People tease us that our son, Tabor, will need additional pages added to his passport by age 5.

Is your son, Tabor, going to be a ski racer?

I would like to predict the future and say yes, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Right now, he is pretty turned on to things like basketball, hockey, and biking. I think that as he gets a better taste of skiing in the next couple years that he will realize that it is something we love as a family and that it really promotes the healthiest lifestyle of any of the sports. I can’t even fathom going into a sweaty, stinky gym or a freezing ice arena to watch him in competitions. He will always be able to cross train doing all his other favorite sports.

Who does Tabor hang out with most on the ski team?

Tabor has definitely found a favorite person to hand out with when we are on the road with the USST and other elite athletes. Usually, any girl on the team is fun to be with, but I would have to say that Hilary (Hilaly as he says it) takes the cake. She is so creative and energetic and he magnatizes to that. Plus, she has funky hats and a red puppy dog travel pillow!

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