SOLDA Ski Wax: Volume Discounts And Great Savings On Package Deals

FasterSkierOctober 28, 2004

SOLDA Ski Wax: Volume Discounts And Great Savings On Package Deals  

Have The Fastest Skis At The Lowest Cost — Isn't That What Waxing
Is About?

SOLDA Volume Discounts, Training Waxes, PowerJets, Fluor Carbon and ROTO
Brush Package Deals.

SOLDA Glide wax from Italy is available from TorbjornSport,
. Look for monthly specials, volume discounts and news frequently posted and
updated on TorrbjornSport  for SOLDA Glide Wax and PRO-SKI Rollerskis,
training camps, books, CD's and videos.

The 2004/2005 SOLDA Glide waxes and tools can now be viewed and ordered
online at 

Guidelines for how to use all SOLDA waxes are available on the TorbjornSport
web site. Send an email to
if you want us to email you an easy-to-use complete SOLDA price list and order

For general information on SOLDA Glide Waxes see below or go to
for wax charts, application guidelines, help on how to select and use SOLDA


Three waxes that will give you great training skis in most conditions.

 For beginners and 'new too racing' skiers we recommend that you start
using three waxes for you training needs in most all snow and temperature
conditions. Learn to use these waxes, and then add 1-2 high end waxes for
typical conditions in your area. These three 'start-up' waxes are also a great
start for your race-wax kit:

For a complete article go to:

For info on F-15 and F-31 Fluor waxes go to:

SOLDA UF-7 Universal Low Fluor 60 gram – $16
 SOLDA F-15 Blue Medium Fluor 60 gram – $25
 SOLDA F-15 or F-31 High Fluor 60 gram — $25 or $40
 – In color
best suitable for your local condition

 For moist snow racing and training add:

 SOLDA PowerJet 1 Solid Fluorocarbon – $65

Package deal:  

You'll get a 10% discount until December 1 when your order totals $150 or

2. Package Deals: PowerJets   

Last years top sellers were the PowerJets- Make sure that you have them!

For detail information on PowerJets:

New this season: PowerJet/5 — For wet, warm conditions

Buy PowerJet 1,PowerJet 2, and PowerJet 3 together and save!

PowerJet 1, 2 & 4 or 5 Package
$195.00 $156.00
Buy PowerJet
1,PowerJet 2, and PowerJet Carbon 4 together and save!

Buy PorwerJet 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Package
Buy PowerJet 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 together and save!
Regular $285 — Package Deal $242

3. Package Deals:
Spray And Powder

A must for long races and high level racing at any distance in moist snow
conditions and/or dirty snow. (For detail information see:

Roto Brushes and Roto

For more info on SOLDA Roto brushes and handles:

 Web site:

TorbjornSport — PO Box 980970 — Park City, Utah 84098-0970


For more information
on SOLDA's 2004-2005 waxes, read this article.

 Source: TorbjornSport Press Release