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FasterSkierOctober 16, 2004

Fasterskier.com is entering its fourth winter of providing the latest ski training and racing news. We have strived to post articles of interest to young and old, elite and recreational skiers. We have posted news, updates, profiles, results, training and racing summer and winter. More than 50-60 monthly articles have become the norm even in the summer. The total number of articles that can be found in our archives after two seasons have reached several thousands! With all that said, we want to give you a chance to test you memory, recollection and knowledge from what you have acquired of “must know” from reading our articles.

We will occasionally post 5-10 questions and you can see if you can answer without having to scroll down below the last question to find the answers. Most questions will be from stuff that has been mentioned in Fasterskier.com articles, but we will occasionally sneak in some “specials”. Enjoy and think before you look!

Here is round 2:


1.       Male and female winner of the 2004 Canadian Keskinada Marathon?

2.       Male and female winner in last season’s Düsseldorf World Cup sprint?

3.       Approximate MaxVo2 range for top five World cup skiers using a 10 ml range for men and a 5ml range for women? Example: 60-70 and 50-55.

4.       Male and female sprint winners at the 2004 US Nationals?

5.       Overall (not sprint) World Cup winners (male and female) in the 2003-2004 World Cup season?

6.       Male 10 K classic and 15-kilometer 2-day pursuit winner at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer?

7.       The only North American to win the 50-kilometer World Cup race in Holmenkollen, Oslo Norway?







Think, don’t look yet!





1.       Stanislav Rezac, of the Czech Republic and Tara Whitten of Canada

2.       Swedish Peter Larsson won the men’s individual race for the second year in a row and Italian Gabriella Paruzzi  won the Women’s individual sprint  and got her first ever World Cup victory.

3.       Men: 85-95, Women: 70-75

4.       Leif Zimmerman (Bozeman, MT) shot past defending champ Carl Swenson (Park City, UT) in the final 100 meters despite Arctic wind gusts to win the men's sprint title at the U.S. Cross Country Championships while Kikkan Randall (Anchorage, AK) led all the way for the women's title. It was Randall's second U.S. title, Zimmerman's first.


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