Freeman Third In Muonio

FasterSkierNovember 14, 2004

Kris Freeman, USA was third in a 10-kilometer skate race in Muonio, Finland on Saturday. The race was won by 2003 50-kilometer skate World Champion Martin Koukal.

According to US Coach Pete Vordenberg on the Team Today website, “[Freeman] said he was feeling quite a bit better this weekend than last but is still shy of a really good race. Andrew Johnson also raced very well, especially over the last loop where he conceded only ten seconds to the winner.”

Justina Kowalczyk of Poland won the women’s 5-kilometer. Vordenberg says that Wendy Wagner skipped the race to focus on intervals.

“Wendy Wagner opted out of the race so she could do intervals with her friend and Olympic gold medallist (and last weekend’s skate race winner) Claudia Kuenzel. They did three 3km loops with 3 minutes rest in between loops. The first loop was level 3, the second level 4, and the last level 4+. The loops took between 7:50 and 8:30. It was a very good workout for both and a great opportunity for Wendy and Claudia to learn from each other.”

To read Pete's full report go to Team Today:

Men 10 km skate:

1. Martin Koukal CZE 22.10,8
2. Ivan Batory SVK +3,0
3. Kris Freeman USA +6,0
4. Priit Narusk EST +14,3
5. Tero Similä FIN +17,8
6. Olli Ohtonen FIN +18,7
7. Janusz Krezelok POL +20,3
8. Andrus Veerpalu EST +20,9
9. Martin Bajcicak SVK +21,3
10. Maciej Kreczmer POL +26,5
12 Andrew Johnson USA 22.45
17 Carl Swenson USA 23.17
24 Justin Freeman USA 23.54

Women 5 km skate:

1. Justyna Kowalczyk POL 12.04,0
2. Kirsi Välimaa FIN +25,8
3. Helena Balatkova Erbenova CZE +32,8
4. Kamila Rajdlova CZE +39,4
5. Silja Suija EST +46,4
6. Ivana Janeckova CZE +47,7
7. Natalya Zjatikova BLR +49,7
8. Kaili Sirge EST +50,1
9. Irina Terentjeva LTU +50,6
10. Vera Zjatikova BLR +52,5

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