Renew Your Ski Bases With Carbon Base Waxes

FasterSkierNovember 2, 2004

Dry ski bases will slow down the speed considerably. Here are some tips from FasterSkier sponsor SOLDA/TorbjornSport on how to rejuvenate them.

Dry ski bases will slow down the speed considerably. SOLDA glide wax has two Carbon base waxes to help saturate and renew ski bases that are dry and not holding wax in training and races. Dry or old bases will get a renewed shine.
SOLDA FC27 ($24) Fluor Carbon Base wax contains a fluorine additive making it the ideal under layer in high humidity and/or moist snow conditions. It’s best for 21 degree F and warmer.  SOLDA F-15 or F-31 Medium and High Fluor waxes can be used as top layers or as the last layer before applying SOLDA Fluorocarbon (PowerJets, HPO5 or Warm Fluor)

SOLDA HC28 ($10) Hydrocarbon Base has a wider range and lack of fluorine make this the ideal under layer on dry bases when you are going to ski in colder temperatures or warmer temperatures with low humidity and dry snow when you expect the conditions to be cold and dry. Can be used from 32F to -4F

Iron Temperature: 95 to 100 C or 203 to 212 F

Both base waxes come in a block form and can be used as a first layer for all race-day wax combinations. When using either base wax, only one additional layer of glide wax is needed. For example, humid transformed snow right below freezing would call for one layer of FC 27, covered by a layer of F-31 Orange before covering with PowerJet 1 or Warm Fluor.

To apply base waxes, crayon (do not drip) a layer of wax onto the ski base. This is easier if the wax is first touched to a hot iron and then rubbed onto the ski. Heat the layer into the ski by making two-to-three complete passes from tip to tail with the iron. Allow the ski to cool completely before scraping and brushing.

Dirty and Dry ski base 2

If your ski bases are dirty, clean them first with wax remover and then apply one layer of basic “cleaning or travel wax” like SOLDA HC.1 Yellow or Orange.

Scrape while the wax is still warm and then brush.

Add one more layer of HC.1 or Carbon as described above if your bases appear dry.

Application: spend 2-4 minutes per ski ironing in the second layer of HC.1 or Carbon (HC28 or HC27). Let the wax cool before you scrape and brush.

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