NewsAtomic Develops Waxless Ski For World Cup Circuit

FasterSkierDecember 29, 2004

Anders Aukland, Norway’s top classic specialist and Vasaloppet champion, has pressured Atomic into developing a waxless classic ski capable of Worldcup success. “So many races on Worldcup get funny crazy with wax conditions,” pointed out Aukland. “Nothing the wax guys do seems to work. We slip or we stick. You needs a fast waxless ski that can win the races.”

Atomic’s Nordic race director, Peter Juric, agrees. “Many of Norway’s top athletes switched to Atomic this year. Part of the deal was that we would work closely with their technicians to develop a waxless classic ski capable of Worldcup victories.”

Tester Ella Gjoemle

“We first started testing the ski on the glacier near our factory last summer,” stated Juric. “Then, the Norwegians began testing the skis in full on winter conditions above the artic circle. We are very grateful to the team technicians who helped us develop this base. We are also very grateful to Ella Gjoemle for her help. Ella is one of the top women on the Norwegian team and it is not often that such elite athletes can play engineers and provide detailed input. Ella switched to Atomic this year and she played a key role in helping us develop this base.”

The new RC: 11 Multi will be available at US shops in February of 2005.

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