German Coach: – Many Think We Are Doped

FasterSkierDecember 3, 2004

German national team coach Jochen Behle claims that the World is jealous of the German cross country skiing success, and that many for that reason believes that they are doped.

The recent results are impressive: Overall World Cup title to Rene Sommerfeldt last season, 2003 Gold at Worlds for Axel Teichmann and a great start to this season for Teichmann and his teammates.

– We have a historically good team. Other nations can hardly believe what they are seeing when they see our skiers race, says Behle. He claims however that other nations are suspicious.

– Many believe we are doped. That’s the way it is when you suddenly can show good results. Everyone asks if it has happened the right way. It’s lots of jealousy, says Behle in an interview with the German newspaper Bild-Zeitung.

He denies the allegations and says that they are training like other nations.

– Our skiers are training 10,000 kilometer per year. But every workout is like a race since we have so many good skiers. They are pushing each other hard every day, says Behle.

 Source: Bild Zeitung/VG


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