NewsHow Some World Cup Stars Celebrates Christmas And New Year

FasterSkierDecember 28, 2004

Ella Gjomle took the big step up to the World Cup podium lately, Kristen Skjeldal was the best Norwegian skater last season, but has struggled this season. Marit Bjorgen is leading the women’s World Cup. Here is how they celebrate Christmas and New Years.

Kristen Skjeldal needs snow at Christmas

Kristen Skjeldal says that good ski conditions are the best Christmas present he can get.

– It’s a tradition to be at Skeldal. I can’t remember that I have ever been any other place for Christmas. It’s Christmas when I’m there, says Kristen Skjeldal.

 He doesn’t wish for any particular present, except for one thing.

– A Christmas without snow is tough. That’s what we had last year, and I remember that my brother and I were doing running workouts with ski poles. That was lousy, says Kristen.

 On the menu is: meat dishes, homemade sausage and traditional Norwegian lutefisk (fish)

 He is also training.

– I will train quite a bit, but I’m alternating and adjusting some sessions in order to spend time with the family. I’m doing some distance training every day. There is no point in doing loads of intervals. It’s important to relax.

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