Andrew Johnson Reflects On Nationals

FasterSkierJanuary 12, 2005

Andrew Johnson was the only man to win two events at this year's Nationals. We got him to answer a few questions for us before he jumped a plane to Europe.

You raced three races at Nationals. Among Americans, you finished 1st in two races and third in the other. That's very impressive. How do you feel about your week?
I’m happy with the week. I would have preferred racing all four distance races and obviously any race you don’t win could be better. However, I had two really good races and I feel that I was skiing faster at the end of nationals than the beginning so I am very satisfied and anxious to build on these results.

Pete Vordenberg mentioned something on the Team Today website about you getting an allergic reaction in the middle of the week. What was that about and did it affect your performance?
At 12:30 in the morning on Wednesday (day of the 10K classic) I woke up because I was really itchy all over my body. Symptoms worsened throughout the night into a full-blown case of hives. I was very uncomfortable, didn’t sleep at all, and felt quite sick for the rest of the day. We think it may be a reaction to some medication I’ve been on for several months. I wasn’t able to race the classic race and was below par for the skate race the next day. My hands and feet were still swollen but I decided to race anyway. Although I know I can ski much faster than I did that day, I was still pleased with the effort I put forth. I skied as hard as I could given what I was working with. Within a few days I was back to normal.


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