NewsGlide waxing Made Easy: SOLDA PowerJet Advantage

FasterSkierJanuary 19, 2005

PowerJet 5g smalls — PowerJet 5 for very warm/wet snow not in photo

Lowest price
Powder and Solid Fluorocarbons typically retails for$100-150 per can or block.  A powder can will give about 8-10 applications while SOLDA’S PoweJet blocks will give you 40-50 applications for only $65 per block/bar. Taking advantage of TorbjornSport’s ( ) PowerJet specials  will bring the price down another 15%.
The easiest and fastest application
Rub PowerJet onto the ski base — this takes 10-20 second per ski. Then cork in the wax with the natural cork provided on the backside of each PowerJet can (exclusively on SOLDA PowerJets). For short workouts or short races just brush and ski. For longer workouts or races make two passes with the iron on medium heat after using the cork. Let cool, brush, and race on fast skis!

SOLDA PowerJet 2 14-21 Degrees F
PowerJet 2 is the colder companion to PowerJet 1. It shares many of the same performance characteristics of HP05. Easy to apply, this wax can be ironed or corked in. If the race morning temperature is very cold, but you expect it to warm up, we recommend corking in a layer of PowerJet 2 over a warmer wax to get you through those first few cold kilometers.

SOLDA PowerJet Carbon 4   
A great wax when it’s just a little too dry for fluorocarbons. We are very excited about this wax and are using it a lot! Rub onto dry, base-prepped skis; then cork and brush. Use as top layer or as an under layer for fluorocarbon. Can be used in combinations with SOLDA HPO5 or Fluor in spray or powder. PowerJet Carbon 4 has a wide range of use: 25 F…to 8 F (-4C -13C), Humidity: 30% – 100%, making it an ideal option in almost all snow and humidity conditions.

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