Lars Flora Interview

FasterSkierJanuary 3, 2005

Coming off of several top performances in the recent SuperTour races at Soldier Hollow as well as a strong finish in the Italian marathon “La Sgambeda”, Lars Flora looks set to take another big step forward this season. was able to ask him a few questions as he was getting ready to race at U.S. Nationals:

You've had a strong start to the season so far, both in Europe as
well as at the Soldier Hollow SuperTour races. Do you feel you're on track
for your best race results ever this season?

My preparations for the race season have been great. I have stayed healthy and my confidence is very high at the moment. If all goes to plan my race results will see a boost in the month of February.

You seem to have dealt with the trans-atlantic travel very well. Any
special “tricks” or things you pay attention to when doing a lot of
traveling during the race season?

Traveling over the Atlantic can be a little tricky. Especially when the travel is sandwiched in between the races. Most importantly I try to rest before I travel so I can start training right when I arrive at the race site. Plus I try to make it to the weight room in the first two days. It seems to help the body adjust.

How did you feel this time around on the Soldier Hollow race courses?
In the past I have struggled at Soldier Hollow. In 2002 I went from second to last at the Gold Cup at SoHo to winning my first national title and placing 3rd in the 30km at Bozeman Nationals. This time around I skied very strong on the SoHo courses. I was especially happy due to my travel schedule.


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