Sodergren Injured: Taken Out By Tree Root

FasterSkierJanuary 1, 2005

Anders Sodergren is one of Sweden’s biggest hopes for the upcoming World Championship in Oberstdorf, yet a tree root almost ruined the rest of the season for the cross-country star.

Sodergren placed second in the last World Cup race, but during a training session on the 25th of December Sodergren tripped on a root while skiing and managed to dislocate his shoulder.

– I came in contact with a root in the tracks with my ankle and in a second I was transformed from an elite athlete to one that looked like he had been in the ring with Mike Tyson. I was thrown 3-meters forward and landed on my face and shoulder in the snow. The blood flowed and the pain was tremendous. My shoulder had been dislocated, writes Sodergren on his homepage.

In -23°C he was able to get his shoulder back in socket without assistance. If all goes well he is planning on competing in the Swedish championships that begin on the 3rd of January in Sundsvall.


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