Tore Ruud Hofstad Norwegian 15-Kilometer Freestyle Champion

FasterSkierJanuary 28, 2005


Tore Ruud Hofstad won his first Norwegian National Championship by winning the 15-kilometer freestyle event on Thursday, but it wasn’t a perfect race.

Biathlon skier Lars Berger was 11 seconds ahead of Tore Ruud Hofstad after 1.8 kilometer in the Norwegian 15-kilometer freestyle championship on Thursday but could not hold on to the lead and ended up third to Ruud Hofstad (first) and Jan Egil Andresen (second).

I’m 25-years old and it was about time that I captured a national title, said a smiling Ruud Hofstad at the press conference after the race.

He did however not feel that he skied a perfect race

– I struggled the entire way, and I hope to be in better shape at Worlds. It’s about as planned at this point. It was obviously a good race, but I feel that I can both feel better and ski faster, says Ruud Hofstad.

He felt tired after returning from World Cup racing in Pragelato.

– I’m hoping for that “lighter leg feeling” next month. I worked hard today and I’m very pleased that I captured my first national title.

At this point it looks like the Norwegian team for the Oberstdorf short skate race will be Ruud Hofstad, Andresen and biathlon skiers Lars Berger and Ole Einar Bjorndalen.

The team will be announced Saturday.



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