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FasterSkierFebruary 11, 2005

: German website Selects “We Will Stay” by the rock group Glazzhouse as their “official” World Championship song cooperates and swaps articles and news with Germany’s premier cross country skiing web site and we noted a few days ago that they had selected their own “official” World Championship rock song. We asked the daily leader, Mario Felgenhauer about it:

Mario, what’s this thing about having your own official World championship song?

– As you know there is an official Oberstdorf World’s song. We are putting together some video pieces from Worlds for our readers and needed some appropriate and upbeat music. We felt that the official song was too tame and not upbeat enough for what we had in mind. It’s also hard to obtain music rights for small projects like this.

What type of music were you looking for?

We wanted music that we felt good about and a band that was lenient regarding us using their stuff. We searched all over and found the right band and songs we liked on this Soundgarage homepage at a Bavarian radio station. We contacted the band and they didn’t have a problem with us using their stuff.

What type of music is Glazzhouse playing?

– It’s hard to explain but try to imagine Van Halen mixed with some Metal.

That sounds good; I guess we are not talking about ABBA or Michael Bolten are we?

– No we are not.

Check out their web site

Editor's note: We are working with to possibly offer their videos through at some point after Worlds


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