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FasterSkierFebruary 18, 2005


Kristin Stormer Steira (23) was reasonably happy with her 10th place on the opening distance, but struggled at the end.

– It was good to get started. The first lap went well, but I struggled on the last one. I’m not unhappy with 10th place, but had hoped to place higher up, says Stormer Steira.

Next up for Steira is the pursuit race on Saturday. She won a World Cup pursuit earlier this season, but doesn’t think that will happen on Saturday.

– I believe that I have a good chance of a top ten and am hoping for a place among the top six to eight. Better than that will be tough, says Steira.

Kine Beate Bornas (25) was the weakest of the Norwegians in Thursday’s skate race with a 26th place, 2 minutes and 16 seconds behind the winner and admits that she is not in her best shape.

– This wasn’t that great, says Bjornas after her first ever World Championship race. I’m lacking a little to be in peak shape. I lost ground over the hill tops and in the easy sections as well. It was far from good. I had great skis and nothing to complain about. I was my body that didn’t respond, says Kine.

She caught a cold in Seiser Alm and admits that it might have set her back a little. She also hopes for more chances to race, possibly to ski the sprint and the 30-kilometer.

Kristin Murer Stemland (23) was passed by Neumanova after only three kilometers and realized she was on her way to something big. Stemland placed 23rd, 1.38 behind the winner.

– She passed me and I stayed with her for 5 meters. She skied very fast and I want to ski like that myself in a few years. I didn’t feel that I was skiing slowly, but she was skiing fast, says Stemland.

– I didn’t have that little extra. I skied steady and it was good to get the first race over with. I had good skis. I just didn’t race fast enough. Whether I get to ski more races or not depends upon how the other skiers on the team perform.

Ole Einar Bjorndalen had a really bad race in Reit im Winkl last weekend and was unusually happy with his place so far from the podium 11th place.

He was very uncertain on how he would feel.

– I’m very happy, despite blowing up a little at the end. It was a big difference in today and last weekend, and feels that everything considered that this was good. My body responded well, but it wasn’t close to a maximum performance. I skied steady and even, says Ole Einar Bjorndalen

Now he wants to know if he will ski in the 4 x 10-kilometer relay.

— I’ll race if they can use me, if not I’m out of here, says Bjorndalen with a smile.


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